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We’ve done it, dear readers!  The Appellation Mountain community has casually helped name many a baby, through Facebook and post comments.

But now our Saturday Name Help series has helped to name …

Drumroll, please!

Clementine Beatrice

Yes, the baby from our very first post is here!  And she’s got a great, amazing name to go with her siblings’ equally lovely names.  Thanks to all for your thoughts and suggestions – you are wonderful and generous, each and every one of you!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and even if it feels the tiniest bit cliche, it’s got me thinking about all the things for which I’m grateful.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this wonderful, supportive community of name enthusiasts on that list.

Every time I hear from a reader that the posts or comments found here at Appellation Mountain helped their family choose a name, well … I’m moved beyond words.  A few years ago, a reader told me that my Baby Name of the Day posts were in their kids’ baby books.  I can’t think of a bigger honor.

Now, on to the names!

  • LeithQuoteLoved this comment from Leith about the name Anna!  What’s your Mary Poppins name – your favorite-favorite that stands the test of time?  The name that you’ve come back to over the decades?  The name that, even if you never bestow on an actual child, will always have a place in your heart?
  • Nancy spent the week talking about baby names inspired by hair products.  Seems like a pretty narrow category, right?  Not so.  Did you vote for your favorite?  Inspired by her deep dive into all things hirsute, I’m currently listening to the original Broadway soundtrack to Hair.  The main character is called Claude – hmmm … how would that wear in 2015?
  • There’s no reason to play it safe with your child’s middle name.  And these lists at Nameberry are a great source of one-syllable middles that are short, but downright daring.  From A – L, I’m loving Field, and I’d add Brave.  As for the M – Z list, I love Spring, and I’d add Swan.
  • Names for a baby born under the sign of Sagittarius, courtesy of Isadora.  Blaze and Draco, Lorimer and Rosalind, Sojourner and Atlas.  I love the way Isadora goes well beyond the expected in her astrology-inspired posts.
  • Love this post from Buffer’s Belle Beth Cooper on her legal name change process.
  • Homeschoolers probably already know this blog, and I’ve heard it referenced over the years, but somehow I missed the names of this family with five kids at This Ain’t the Lyceum: Adeline, Byron, Edith, Fulton, and Theodore.  Incredibly interesting name choices – I’m always fascinated by how faith informs our children’s names.  (Fulton as in the Blessed Fulton Sheen, and I assume Edith after Edith Stein.)
  • Olivine or Peridot?  Love both of them.  Once Upon a Time Baby Names covers the first.  And I’ve written about Peridot in this gemstone post.
  • Do you think Carolyn Hax gave the right answer?  Your dear friend announces “We’re thinking about naming our daughter Jaxxynne Jezzybelle Bluu!  Do you like it?”  Carolyn suggests that there’s very little you can say, and I tend to agree.  What do you think?
  • Steampunk names at Baby Name Wizard.  It’s not the first time the topic has come up – but I do feel like I’ve added to my reading list after this post.
  • I’d like to say that it is way too soon to be thinking winter baby names, but well, Buffalo.  Here’s a list of seasonal appellations – the first of many, I’m sure, as we’re still weeks away from the season’s official start.
  • Boys named Legend Lee and Dante Danger – don’t they sound like comic book characters?
  • Loved this interview with Meagan from TulipbyAnyName at The Art of Naming!  And Meagan, thanks for the shout out!

That’s all for this week.  As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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  1. I have had one very favorite name for the past 10 years, Elizabeth. I just absolutely love it! Now my favorite nn for it has changed many times, Eliza, Lizzie, Ellie, Liza and currently Elsie.

  2. I love Anna too, and it could have so easily been my Mary Poppins name had not Caroline narrowly pipped it. Sadly, I can’t use Caroline as it rhymes with the surname.

  3. Many congratulations on the birth and naming of Clementine Beatrice – fantastic choice!

    MP Name (so much nicer than GP name): Alice, although not able to use it.