Name Help: A Sister for Logan and LukeUpdate: She’s here! Sara writes: We didn’t know what we were going to name her, up until the minute our boys met her. We had our list with us, and when the boys came in to meet her, Logan was the one who said she looks like an Eliza. And she does! Thanks for the help.

Sara writes:

We have two boys, Logan and Luke. Now, surprise, we’re pregnant again, and it’s a girl!

We didn’t plan for our boys to both have L names, it just happened. But now we can’t decide if our daughter needs an L name, too.

Our sons have popular names, but it’s never been a problem, so I’m not too worried about that this time, either, but I probably want to stay away from the Top Ten.

My favorite girl name was always Lucy, but I think that’s out now that we have Luke. My husband likes Olivia, and has since we first had Logan. But we know a few girls with that name, and it doesn’t seem special anymore. My nieces are Sophia and Chloe, so we can’t use those names. My husband has a half-sister named Riley, so anything like that is probably out, too.

If this baby was a boy, we were settled on Liam, because we like it. (Even though there is another Liam in our neighborhood, and we know of a few others.)

No L girl names really stand out so far, but we’re open to ideas.

Please read on for my response, and leave your thoughtful suggestions in the comments.

Dear Sara –

How exciting to be expecting a daughter!

I’ve often quoted the wise Swistle on this question: two names starting with the same letter is a coincidence; three is a pattern. I’m inclined to suggest you avoid another L name here, if only because it would create a pattern, in the event that you might have a fourth child in the future. (Though only you can know if that’s possible, or just not gonna happen.)

When I asked this as a complete the sibset on the Facebook page, a number of readers offered a great compromise: choose a name with a strong L sound. Names that start with Al, El, or Ol all mimic the strong-L sound of Logan and Luke, while still giving your daughter an initial of her own.

Olivia fits with this idea, of course, but it sounds like you’ve ruled that name out. So let’s look for some other options.

Alice – Alice feels like a sweetly storybook choice, but it also belongs to many women of accomplishment. That makes it just right for a child or an adult. It’s also quite popular today – #76 as of 2016. But somehow it still feels distinctive and not too close to your boys’ names: Logan, Luke, and Alice.

Alina – Alina might be a cousin to Adeline, or it might come from longer names, like Magdalena. Either way, it’s a lovely sound. A note on spelling: while Alena also charts in the US Top 1000, the ‘i’ version is much more common.

Celeste – Night-sky names like Luna and Stella are all the rage, but heavenly Celeste remains overlooked. It comes from Latin, and despite a long history of use, has never cracked the US Top 200.

Eliza or Elise – Eliza seems spunkier, while Elise reads a little on the quiet side. They’re both Elizabeth-names, with history galore and plenty of appealing references. I think they work really well with Logan and Luke.

Lena – Of course, I’m not saying L names are out. Far from it! Alina makes me think of Lena. It’s quite close to your favorite boy name, Liam, too. Leah is another option, but I think adding the ‘n’ makes it easier to say the three names together: Logan, Luke, and Lena.

Lydia – Vintage Lydia is back in a big way, standing at #80 as of 2016. It shares the letter L with Logan and Luke, but no one would ever confuse the three.

Mila – If not a name starting with a strong-L sound, maybe one that ends with a -la? Mila sounds like a sister for Logan and Luke. It’s popular – at #48 as of 2016 – but I think it works well with your boys’ names.

Stella – I mentioned Stella earlier, when I suggested Celeste. I do think Stella sounds exactly right for your family. It’s spunky, but has a certain elegance, too. And while the L sound is strong, it’s at the end – which helps it feel just different enough.

Overall, I keep coming back to Mila and Stella, names with the -l sound near the end of the name.

But now it’s over to the readers. What would you name a sister for Logan and Luke?

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  1. If your wanting to stick to the L pattern you started and like the name Lucy why not go with Lucilia

    Logan, Luke, and Lucilia works well together and Id suggest you nickname her Celia to brake up the L pattern in everyday use as in Logan, Luke, and Celia

  2. It’s your first girl, and I think it makes sense to keep the Ls with the boys. I really like the suggestion of having Ls in the name, though.

    I wondered – had you considered Olive? It’s definitely in the familiar range, while being slightly more unexpected than Olivia.

    Logan, Luke and Olive.

    I also love Mila, Eloise, and Elise for your family. Congrats!

  3. I would if you would like Ruby, which has the same vintage-spunky vibe as Lucy to me? I also think Violet would fit in well with Luke and Logan. Maybe Hazel or Nora too—they sound good with Luke and Logan.
    I really like Alice from Abby’s suggestions as well.

  4. So many good suggestions but I think Mila is perfect! You said you were settled on Liam for a boy and Mila is an anagram of Liam!!
    Logan, Luke and Mila.

  5. Someone else suggested Liana – this is great! Or Eliana if you want a different letter.

  6. If you have completed your family at three then I’d stick with L names,
    Logan, Luke and Louisa or Leila
    Otherwise Stella or Mila, and Mila always makes me think of Isla also (don’t know why) … The “a” ending (like Olivia) works really well for a feminine name with your sons names.