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So the famous couple has welcomed a little girl, and rumors are flying as to their darling daughter’s name.  If they’ve made a decision, mom and dad are keeping mum.  Or maybe they have not narrowed it down just yet … they wouldn’t be the first parents struggling to make that all-important choice.

It’s perfectly possible that the pair won’t share – at least not right away.  Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer waited months to share their baby name.  So did Isla Fischer and Sacha Baron Cohen.

While we wait for official confirmation, I thought it would be fun to see what you think Kimye will call their baby.

Kleopatra comes from a comment sister Khloe made a few weeks ago – plus Kim made waves with her Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot last year, dressed as the Queen of the Nile.

Klementine is from some sleuthing by You Can’t Call It “It.”

Kaidence and Kai are other rumors that are currently circulating.

What do you think?  Do any of these sound right?  Please vote – while we wait for the official announcement of the Kimye Baby Name!


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What do you think?


  1. A friend in Australia just linked to an article on FB where one of their radio stations claims that a hospital nurse leaked the name, and it’s Kaidence Donda.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think they are trying to be private. I also agree that Suri’s Burn Book summed it up perfectly. It’s pretty transparent.

  3. I’m guessing they have invented a name, but my best guess is Kanda. Ka- from Kardashian and -nda from Kanye’s mom’s name Donda. (It’s also a Thai name meaning “beloved” so that pretty sweet.

    Kanye has an Igbo name, so here are some K names from that language that might work for an English speaking child:
    Kezie – “created well by God.”
    Kachi – “what God shares.”
    Kelechi- “praise/thank God.”

    1. I’d quite like a heritage name in that vein, those Igbo names have nice sounds and are unusual, but in an interesting way. I’ve also seen Kami suggested as an Armenian heritage name.

    2. Great list, Julie – those Igbo names really would work in English. Too bad it looks like they went another direction …

  4. Adele also waited a long time, didn’t she? And kind of only admitted it because she slipped and got photographed in the nameplate necklace?

    I’m with everyone else – just tell me the name already! – but it is kind of admirable that two such fame-whorey people have the restraint to keep it a secret for so long. It’s kind of sweet – like they want to keep her all to themselves as long as they can, before she becomes a tabloid sensation (in the sense that paparazzi will be falling all over themselves to get pictures of Kimye as parents, not that the child will grow up to be a scandal-maker.)

  5. Suri’s burn book summed it up so well:
    “I refuse to post about Kim Kardashian’s baby until there is a name, a weight, and preferably a photo. They are trying to drag out the media circus as long as possible, and it is just super-transparent and pathetic and classic Kardashian.”

    1. I agree with you – and Suri’s Burn Book! And yet I keep obsessively checking gossip sites to get the latest …