MarchMadness2014The four girls’ names to advance to the Semi-Finals are a lovely quartet.  They could be sisters!

I’m sorry to bid adieu to Milla, Wren, Lorelei, and Clementine, but as with the boys’ semi-finals, it is easy to appreciate the charms of the names that won.  I have a hunch about which name will come out on top … but shhhh …  I’m not saying.

Speaking of hunches, usually I can look at the matches and guess which name will win.  I’m not always right – but this time, I can’t even guess how either of the semi-final matches will turn out.

The big story for the girls’ Quarter Finals?  Cora has proved herself quite the formidable name contender.  Even though she came in as the #8 seed, Cora has tidily dispatched Aya in the opening round, and now Milla in the quarter finals, 75% to 25%.

Which of your favorite names advanced?  Click through to see the winners – and to vote!

This could be the biggest match-up of the season so far!  Graceful, vintage Cora, a name fit for a fictional duchess, takes on Beatrix, a name worn by a former queen of the Netherlands.  They’re both such elegant possibilities, and yet neither is overwhelming on a child.  Vote for your favorite name – if you can!


I was surprised when Margot bested Elodie in the opening round.  Now she’s managed to carry the day over the avian Wren, winning her match 55% to 45%.  That’s not a resounding victory, but winning two matches in a row marks Margot as a contender.  In the semi-finals she faces the colorful, floral, goddess name Iris.  Iris faced off against Lorelei in the Quarter Finals – a tough match.  If Iris can win out over Lorelei, she’s definitely able to take on Margot.  The only question is whether or not you can choose a favorite!

You have until Friday, March 21st to cast your vote!  Please check back on Saturday, March 22nd to see which names were victorious in the Semi-Finals, and to vote in the final match of 2014!

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  1. I went with Iris and Beatrix, two names I’d happily use myself. I am a bad name nerd because I rank glittery Margaux ahead of tidy Margot.

    Cora I do not really like at all, I just disliked Milla even more.

  2. I agree with you when you say they could all be sisters. The boys, however, seem to be two distinct sets of brothers: Soren and Finn, and Atticus and Everett.

    1. An interesting observation, Bella – and I think you’re absolutely right! Funny how that happens …