Fetching Names: Everybody Loves an Irish Girl


Irish names are the source of frequent requests at AppMtn.  I’m not even a scintilla Irish, so I tended to skip these sections in the baby name books.  Plus they were everywhere when I was a kid – Erin and Kelly and Megan were only slightly less epidemic than Jennifer and Amy and Heather. What’s fascinating about Irish names […]


Sunday Summary: 5/31/2009

First up, we’re expecting … three baby bluebirds. The mama has built a nest in the tiny herb garden Arthur latched onto our postage-stamp sized balcony. Since they’re growing amongst our herbs, I’m calling the three eggs Basil, Coriander and Rosemary. I’ve been trying to talk to Mama Bird about names, but she’s not interested. […]


Sunday Summary: 5/17/09

She’s yet to crack the Top 1000, but could she be the next Isabella? Friends of friends recently welcomed their second child – a daughter called Esme, 2008’s most popular search name at AppMtn. What’s more, their firstborn is called Finn, 2008’s second most popular search name for boys here. In Namespotting News: My mother […]