March Madness 2012: The Champions


It is official!  The clear frontrunner in the boy’s category has sailed off with the victory.  The 2012 March Madness champion for boys is Arthur, leaving Rhys is the dust. On the girls’ side, Genevieve handily won, beating Eliza by more than thirty votes.  She’s something of a surprise, since Adelaide seemed poised to walk away with […]


Reader Baby Name Story: The Calm After the Storm


Editor’s note: Over the years, I’ve realized that many readers are awaiting adoptions, struggling with infertility, or grieving a miscarriage. I’m truly honored that Sara was willing to share her story here. It is a powerful reminder that names aren’t just pleasing sounds – when you find the right name, it can carry layers of […]


Sunday Summary: 3/6/11


First, a question for a friend: let’s say you were expecting a daughter. Not only is she going to be your last child, you’re the youngest sibling, so this baby is probably the last in her generation. You’d love to pass on your maiden name. Trouble is, your maiden name sounds exactly like a popular […]