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I swear I don’t hand my six year old baby name books.  But the apple?  Falls pretty close to the tree.

It’s interesting to talk about names with the next generation, isn’t it?  My 9 year old was sitting next to me while I was working on a project, and I found myself quizzing him.  “What do you think of …” this name, that name.  He loved the sound of Janet.  Assuming he has kids of his own in twenty years, Janet would be due for a comeback.

Other baby name related things on my mind:

  • This is your last chance to buy Name-altyics at special discounted price of $2.99 for October.
  • What do you think of Gehrig?  I agree with Nick – it’s a hero name.  But is there too much baggage? With other baseball players embracing the name, I think it is more wearable than ever.
  • Speaking of hero names, how about Chaucer?  For Real found one in Nevada.  I wonder if the parents just liked the sound, or if they’re fans of The Canterbury Tales?
  • Seriously, who does this?  Could it be real?  I mean, name-stealing is one thing, but this sounds downright crazy.
  • My new favorite discovery – Rixa, short for Richenza.  Hat tip to Maarten OF  Vernoeming for pointing out that the name is still in use.
  • Is Blade too macho?  Baby Name Pondering points out that “blade of grass” could make this one a nature name – not that anyone would think of that first …
  • Have you tried Namehunter yet?  I’m absolutely obsessed.

That’s all for this week.  As always, thank you for reading – and have a great week!

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What do you think?


  1. First, Clio is adorable. I love that she reads baby name books. 🙂

    Second, that story of the baby name steal is horrible. What kind of friend is that? If that happened to me, I would have saved her instant message and posted it on Facebook. Then, I would have picked another name just because it would bother me. I hope she uses it though.

    Oh, and Namehunter. I’m a bit obsessed too.

    Have a good week!


  2. Oy. The name-hunter site? Actually offered me HÉloÏse, with that capitalization. (Probably just a programming oops, but I could see people out there actually thinking “Yeah. Let’s capitalize the internal accented letters.”)

  3. That name-napping story takes the cake. It puts enough of a damper on your excitement to have your name “stolen” (speaking from experience here, ugggh) but to have the name-thief turn around and get mad at you for still wanting to use it? Craziness! I’m incensed on their behalf.
    Moving on, did your daughter inadvertently coordinate her shirt to her baby name book? 😉