Sunday Summary: 12/26/10


I hope you had a wonderful, magical holiday!  A few random observations from the wider world: Clio opened a gift from the B. You toys line to find this quote in the packaging:  “I’m going to have five children and name them Cabbage, French Toast, Table, Shower, and Chair!”  I laughed, and then noted that […]


Sunday Summary: 12/5/10

Christmas came early to Appellation Mountain, with a guest post on Nameberry leading to a shout-out from Lisa Belkin’s venerable The Motherlode blog at the New York Times.  Christmas also officially arrived in our town – a tree was lit in the City’s park, we had breakfast with Santa, and we spent a few hours […]


Baby Name of the Day: Endellion

We interrupt rerun week to post something a little bit different. I was certain I’d written a full post about this saint’s name, but instead she’s just mentioned in an early list of obscure saints’ names. Inspired by British PM David Cameron’s new daughter, our Baby Name of the Day is Endellion.