Baby Name of the Day: Madison

May 13, 2011

Note: I’d originally agreed to write about Keziah today, for Racheli. Except when I finishing up the post, I realized it sounded eerily familiar. Sure enough, that was because Keziah was Baby Name of the Day back in the day. Oops, and Racheli, my apologies! She made waves as the adopted name of a big […]

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Sunday Summary: 10/10/10

October 10, 2010

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on upstairs as I write – I can hear both children laughing, and the Dora Halloween special is definitely on television. My husband must be in the room with them, but I kind of think the toddler is in charge. Beyond describing my background noise, I say that because […]

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Baby Name of the Day: Grace

May 14, 2010

She’s the ultimate virtue name, a choice that is both simple and versatile. Thanks to Melissa for suggesting Grace as Baby Name of the Day.

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Sunday Summary: 2/21/10

February 21, 2010

If you watched Thursday’s Project Runway, you spotted the mini models for the “Little Bit of Fashion” challenge.

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In Defense of Isobel and Aiden: Ten Reasons to Embrace Variant Spellings

October 28, 2009

Head over to a baby naming website and suggest naming your baby-to-be Alivia. Or Jaxon. Some will applaud your choice and add that Alyveah and Jaxin are cute, too. Several will sigh, and ask what’s wrong with Olivia and Jackson. I’ll admit to a few snarky comments about Konner and Mackynzee. So maybe it sounds […]

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Sunday Summary: 9/20/09

September 20, 2009

There’s a theme to this Sunday Summary, methinks: First up, Hope Edelman guested over at Nameberry about seeing a name scrawled on a mailbox late in her pregnancy, and knowing that someone (other than the graffiti artist) was sending her a sign. Check out the whole story – Maya’s name was truly meant to be; […]

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