Sunday Summary: 1/30/11

January 30, 2011

It strikes me that I’m now into my fourth year of writing at AppMtn.

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Baby Name of the Day: Diego

May 20, 2010

He’s cousin to Dora and the best friend animals have had since Dr. Doolittle. Thanks to Urban Angel for suggesting Diego as Baby Name of the Day.

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Name of the Day: Roscoe

February 17, 2010

Now that everyone has discovered Miles and Hugo, what are all those hipsters going to name their sons? Thanks to Photoquilty for suggesting Roscoe as Name of the Day.

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Sunday Summary: 2/7/10

February 7, 2010

I usually don’t pre-post my Sunday Summaries.

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Sunday Summary: 1/31/10

January 31, 2010

Let’s start off our Sunday with some controversy. The NameLady recently answered a reader’s question: Are there rules for nicknames? Her answer was basically yes. Julia can be Julie and David Dave, but take it much farther you really should just put the nickname on the birth certificate. (In this case, she advised her reader […]

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Sunday Summary: 1/10/10

January 10, 2010

First, congratulations to JNE on welcoming Imogen’s little brother, the nicely named Oliver George! Aly turned five on December 17, but we finally got around to throwing his birthday party this weekend. We invited his whole pre-K. (No, the party was not in our house. Our guests wouldn’t fit in our house, even standing still.) […]

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Name of the Day: Milo

December 15, 2009

Liv Tyler chose today’s name for her son, and she’s not the only one. Thanks to Silent One for suggesting Milo as Name of the Day.

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How Close is Too Close? Ten Factors to Consider

December 10, 2009

When we decided to call our daughter Clio, we forever closed the door on another favorite name – Theodore, nickname Theo. Or did we? For every family that decides Maya and Milo are too similar, another embraces the sound-alike names. Or insists that Alicia and Alina are totally different names. Perhaps it never even occurs […]

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Sunday Summary: 12/6/2009

December 6, 2009

Deck the halls!

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Sunday Summary: 10/18/09

October 18, 2009

First, congratulations to reader Photoqulity for a successful showing of her work Fuzzhead by DP at the Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife. Her bibs rock! Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. True fact: I can recite the original text of Where the Wild Things Are. From memory. (And yet I regularly forget my […]

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