Sunday Summary: 12/19/10

December 19, 2010

I’m fascinated by names, but equally intrigued by the process we use to arrive at a name.  You can find countless real life conversations on message boards, but here are a few I spotted on parents’ personal blogs: Aidan at Ivy League Insecurities has a great list going for a third daughter, but my favorite […]

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Sunday Summary: 2/7/10

February 7, 2010

I usually don’t pre-post my Sunday Summaries.

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Name of the Day: Stellan

November 5, 2009

Today’s choice is a fashion-forward import that could catch on. Thanks to Rachel for suggesting Stellan as Name of the Day.

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Names from Twilight: Not Just for Vampires Anymore

June 12, 2009

Into every generation a vampire romance is born. That’s usually not big news in baby naming circles. But the current hot series about the undead – Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight – could influence baby names for the next generation.

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