Is C the new K?

April 28, 2011

Even if you’re not even a teensy, eensy bit interested in the royal wedding, it would be pretty tough to avoid the topic today.

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Sunday Summary: 12/12/10

December 12, 2010

I’m always surprised when I realize that Valerie remains so popular.  She ranked #138 in 2009, not too far from her peak of #60 in 1959.  Nothing against the name – I know some lovely women who answer to Valerie – but it makes me think of The Monkees.  (Though the song title is “Valleri” […]

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Sunday Summary: 8/8/10

August 8, 2010

It doesn’t matter if I’m at the dentist or the drugstore or Disney World, I’m always listening for names. One of my favorites namespotting locations is Franklin’s, our local brewpub/restaurant/toy store – is there any better combination? – because, of course, we’re all chasing our children around while we wait for a table. The other […]

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Sunday Summary: 5/16/10

May 16, 2010

Conventional media is still abuzz with news that Jacob and Isabella are the most popular baby names in the US for 2009.

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Alphabet: C is for Girls

February 20, 2008

Even before the Kardashians became reality TV staples, K names were popular for girls.

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