Baby Name of the Day: Stephen

November 3, 2010

Let’s say you’re searching for a solid, classic boy’s name that won’t be shared by lots of others.

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Sunday Summary: 10/17/10

October 17, 2010

I’m on a reality television kick. (Right, well, it’s worse than usual.) How can I not, with names like Truely on Sister Wives and Bret Michaels’ daughters Raine and Jorja on his new series. Will the trio of real life monikers become the new Destiny, Skye, and Alivia? Or will the trends take us elsewhere? […]

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In Reserve: Possible Names for a Second Son

April 24, 2010

Even before the pregnancy test came back positive, I had a strong sense that our second child was a girl. Intuition didn’t stop me from discussing boys’ names with Arthur. So much that he finally insisted that we wait until the ultrasound, at which point it was moot. Claire Caroline Wren – Clio – was […]

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