Sunday Summary: 11/7/10

November 7, 2010

I mentioned Katniss in a prior Sunday Summary, but hadn’t gotten around to reading The Hunger Games.

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Name of the Day: Rebecca

January 27, 2010

She’s an Old Testament matriarch and a twentieth century staple. Thanks to Kelly for suggesting Rebecca as Name of the Day.

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In Defense of Isobel and Aiden: Ten Reasons to Embrace Variant Spellings

October 28, 2009

Head over to a baby naming website and suggest naming your baby-to-be Alivia. Or Jaxon. Some will applaud your choice and add that Alyveah and Jaxin are cute, too. Several will sigh, and ask what’s wrong with Olivia and Jackson. I’ll admit to a few snarky comments about Konner and Mackynzee. So maybe it sounds […]

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Elsewhere Online: Momentum and Baby Names

October 13, 2009

How many times have you heard the parent of a small child say something like this: “We didn’t realize Isaiah was getting so popular!” “I really hope Ruby doesn’t take off! I hated being one of three Jennifers in my class.” Or even: “I chose Ava for a girl and then my neighbor/co-worker/sister-in-law stole it!” […]

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Hurricane Names

June 3, 2009

It’s not really baby naming news – it’s meteorological, potentially catastrophic even. And yet I can’t resist posting the 2009 list of Hurricane Names.

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Name of the Day: Damian

April 1, 2009

He’s a classic, worn by Ancient Greeks and Christian saints, as well as musicians and athletes in the modern world. Then there’s the whole spawn-of-Satan angle. Thanks to Emma for suggesting our Name of the Day: Damian.

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