Baby Name of the Day: Miette


You might call your daughter Cupcake, but odds are there is something far more formal on her birth certificate.  But what if your first language isn’t English, and you just plain like the way Cupcake sounds for your daughter born in Borneo or Bahrain or Brussels? Thanks to Emiley for suggesting an option that might […]


Sunday Summary: 10/31/10

Happy Halloween! More proof that I truly have a one-track mind: let’s start with two name-related thoughts, prompted by my kids’ costumes: There will be more little boys named Anakin in the future. Nancy tells us there were 117 in 2009 alone. Despite my insistence that Aly is Luke Skywalker, he keeps correcting me – […]


Sunday Summary: 8/8/10

It doesn’t matter if I’m at the dentist or the drugstore or Disney World, I’m always listening for names. One of my favorites namespotting locations is Franklin’s, our local brewpub/restaurant/toy store – is there any better combination? – because, of course, we’re all chasing our children around while we wait for a table. The other […]