Sunday Summary: 7/3/11

July 3, 2011

Feeling feisty? Head to a message board and announce that you’re naming your daughter Addison. Or Quinn. Or Mason. Then run for cover. Sure, some people will respond positively. But depending on the forum, you could also find yourself accused of thievery, trendiness, and general bad taste. I’m sympathetic to parents who feel they can’t […]

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Sunday Summary: 6/26/11

June 26, 2011

It was apparently word name week last week.

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Sunday Summary: 12/26/10

December 26, 2010

I hope you had a wonderful, magical holiday!  A few random observations from the wider world: Clio opened a gift from the B. You toys line to find this quote in the packaging:  “I’m going to have five children and name them Cabbage, French Toast, Table, Shower, and Chair!”  I laughed, and then noted that […]

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Baby Name of the Day: Romy

July 30, 2010

She and BFF Michele went to their high school more than a dozen years ago. Today you might just find her on the playground. The name I have in reserve for a (no-I’m-not-pregnant) second daughter is today’s Baby Name of the Day: Romy.

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Baby Name of the Day: Rosemarie

June 4, 2010

She’s a compound name with a français feel and German heritage. How would she wear on a little American girl in 2010? Thanks to Nicole for suggesting the name of her daughter-on-the-way as our Baby Name of the Day: Rosemarie.

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Name of the Day: Rory

October 28, 2009

Today’s choice has appealing Irish roots and some old school Hollywood cred. Thanks to Kelly for suggesting Rory as Name of the Day.

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Name of the Day: Aurora

June 1, 2009

She’s astronomical, mythical and animated, with a tomboy twist. Thanks to Laura for suggesting her darling daughter’s appellation as Name of the Day: Aurora.

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Sunday Summary: 5/17/09

May 17, 2009

She’s yet to crack the Top 1000, but could she be the next Isabella? Friends of friends recently welcomed their second child – a daughter called Esme, 2008’s most popular search name at AppMtn. What’s more, their firstborn is called Finn, 2008’s second most popular search name for boys here. In Namespotting News: My mother […]

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Substitute: Isabella

February 11, 2008

Let’s say you’ve always loved the name Isabella. You’re not alone. Back in 1992, when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman chose it for their daughter, the name was a comfortably obscure choice – #487 in the US. In fact, from 1949 to 1989, it was not even in the Top 1000. But it gained steadily […]

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