Lark: Baby Name of the Day


Editor’s note: This post was originally published on November 30. 2009.  It was substantially revised and re-posted on August 12, 2013. There’s Robin, Wren and Dove, and boys called Hawk and Falcon. Would this borrowing from the world of birds wear well on a daughter? With a Happy Birthday to my sister, today’s Baby Name […]


Parker Lewis vs. Parker Posey


Parker has a long history of occasional use as a given name. Originally an occupational surname for a gamekeeper or geographic name for someone who lived near parkland, he’s charted as a boys’ given name in the US most years since 1880. In 2009, he entered the US Top 100 at #96, and in 2011, […]


Yea or Nay: Larkin

Monday’s reaction to Lark for a girl was lukewarm. But Larkin for a boy seemed to attract some interest – and a comment from a mom who had already bestowed the name on her son! It’s a surname choice and an old school diminutive for Laurence. If parents are cautiously reconsidering Robin for their sons, […]