Baby Name of the Day: Jayden


I have to believe that back in 1959, grandparents and neighbors and friends at church would sniff at the idea of naming a new son Jason.  “What’s wrong with Robert or Gary,” you can imagine them saying.  “Or why not name him after uncle Frank?”  Then Jason slowly made his way to the top of […]


Announcing Hated Names Week

Every year I take one week to choose all of the names, typically without input from anyone. This year, I had a slightly different idea.  I’ve really enjoyed writing about Cohen and Madison and Apple.  I typically discover there’s much to love aboutanyname, even one  that provokes strong feelings in others.  And so I’ve decided […]


In Defense of Riley Anne and Evan Marie: Ten Reasons Boys’ Names on Girls Are Not a Sign of End Times


Feeling feisty? Head to a message board and announce that you’re naming your daughter Addison. Or Quinn. Or Mason. Then run for cover. Sure, some people will respond positively. But depending on the forum, you could also find yourself accused of thievery, trendiness, and general bad taste. I’m sympathetic to parents who feel they can’t […]


Sunday Summary: 10/24/10

Is there a baby names arms race? I happen to be writing from New York City, just a week after the Health Department released their 2009 stats proclaiming Isabella and Jayden top of the charts. Yawn. But then the Wall Street Journal’s Metropolis blog interviewed Baby Name Wizard’s Laura Wattenberg on the results. Two things […]