Starbaby News: Welcome Abraham!

February 2, 2011

Ziggy Marley and wife Orly Agai Marley have welcomed a third child: son Abraham Selassie Robert Nesta Marley. The family also includes daughter Judah Victoria and son Gideon Robert Nesta. A few thoughts: Interesting that the sons share Robert Nesta as middle names. Ziggy was born David Nesta Marley, and Bob was born Nesta Robert, […]

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Baby Name of the Day: Hedy

December 27, 2010

It’s Liz’s week at Appellation Mountain! Her first choice is a sturdy German name mixed with a generous helping of Hollywood glam. Our Baby Name of the Day is the glamorous nickname Hedy.

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Starbaby News: Welcome Gideon and Harper!

October 15, 2010

Neil Patrick Harris is a new dad. He and partner David Burtka welcomed twins on Tuesday! And the names are Gideon Scott and Harper Grace. Harper is, of course, the Hollywood it name of the moment – the new Ava. But Gideon is refreshing. Wonder if it will catch on? Congratulations!

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Sunday Summary: 10/10/10

October 10, 2010

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on upstairs as I write – I can hear both children laughing, and the Dora Halloween special is definitely on television. My husband must be in the room with them, but I kind of think the toddler is in charge. Beyond describing my background noise, I say that because […]

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Baby Name of the Day: Josiah

August 10, 2010

Take the evergreen Joseph, cross him with popular Noah and what do you get? Why, the name of Sarah’s son, and our Baby Name of the Day: Josiah.

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Name of the Day: Gideon

June 11, 2008

Emmy Jo recently suggested one of our favorite boys’ names. Hard to believe we didn’t think of it ourselves! You’ll find him in the Bible, and you’ll find a Bible bearing his name in just about every hotel room on Earth. Today’s Name of the Day? Why it’s Gideon, of course.

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