Sunday Summary: 29th of 2014

by appellationmountain on July 20, 2014

Alex playing ice hockeyMy son went off to ice hockey camp last week, and when I picked him up after the first day, another camper said “See ya, George,” as we walked out the door.

My son – whose name is Alex – explained that over lunch they’d talked about whether the other kids thought their names fit, and if not, what their names should be instead.  Instead of Alex – a name that has been the subject of much discussion between my son and I – they dubbed him George.

And he would make a great George!  It’s a family name on my dad’s side, the name of an uncle and my late great-grandfather.  It never quite made our shortlist, and none of my cousins have used family names.

I’d considered Georgia over the years, but seriously considered never George – and I can’t say why.  Could my positive reaction be part of a delayed Prince George effect?

Elsewhere online:

  • Idaho takes their time releasing name stats, but when they do, they also share unusual names registered.  Worth waiting for Theory, Glacier, Dually, Torque, Truce, and Pearadice.  Really – Pearadice!  What does that mean?
  • I like the names Truman and North, but Truman North together?  Can’t decide if that’s a poetic nod to Canada, or an unintentional punchline.
  • Rumor has it that Keisha Castle-Hughes is in talks to join the Games of Thrones cast for the fifth season as Obara, one of Oberyn’s daughters.  Obara – the next Aria?  Maybe not, but I think she’s more wearable than Khaleesi …
  • These 80s throwback posts at British Baby Names completely make my day.  Mary Petronella!  Ferdinand, Basil, and Beau!  Primrose and Pelham!  Aristocratic, daffy, and totally different than what I was hearing in 1989 in the US.  Too exciting.
  • Not to say that American names are boring.  Zeffy’s list of 1790 finds is intriguing.  I know why we’ve stopped calling our kids Masheck and Nimrod, but Dempsey, Orson, and Collier are great.
  • Farewell, Geraldine.  And lots of other names in Ren’s post at Nameberry.  For now …
  • Just noticed: Marjorie re-entered the US Top 1000 in 2013!
  • Best name mentioned in Facebook conversation this week: Zvezda, which the poster said means star in Macedonian – his grandmother’s name.  No clue how to say it, but it’s intriguing, right?
  • As if choosing first names wasn’t tough enough, there’s also plenty of room in 2013 to choose your kiddo’s last name – a thoughtful look at surname choices, here.

Now, on to the exciting news – my birthday is coming up, which means that this upcoming week is packed with names that I’ve chosen – five straight days of crazy, would-you-really-consider-it choices.

As always, thank you for reading, and have a great week!

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