Name of the Day: Andrew

Today’s choice has been worn by kings and saints, presidents and protesters – and almost certainly a fellow or two in your life.

Thanks to Kelly for suggesting Andrew as Name of the Day.

Ask most anyone if Andrew fits their definition of a normal name, and you’ll probably get a yes.


  1. Virginia says

    For as long as I can remember, Andrew has been my top choice for a boy’s name. It doesn’t feel overused to me because I don’t know many Andrews. As male names go, I think Andrew is just about perfect.

  2. Juliet says

    This is a lovely line :Make no mistake, Andrew is evergreen.

    Andrew isn’t a bad name. It just seems a bit too used .I don’t think it is nice enough for its popularity. The Andrews that I have known haven’t inspired a love of the name. It’s one of those names that is occasionally irritating

    Sorry for being a Grinch lol! I feel bad as none of the names have as yet grabbed me (except for Tallulah. I’m not trying to be Simon Cowell here!)

  3. Isla says

    ๐Ÿ˜€ The whole city of St Andrew’s is named after him, in fact! [Although it’s WAY too small to be a city. It only gets that status because of the old cathedral] The golf course and University are named that way because they’re in St Andrew’s.

    But Andrew is an awesome name. I know someone who gained the nickname 2.0 ‘cos they were the second Andrew in the group.

    • appellationmountain says

      Thanks, Isla. What’s the symbol for blushing?

      Raise your hand if you’ve never been to Scotland, but always meant to go.

      Am now waving my hand furiously. :)

  4. Christina Fonseca says

    I absolutely love Andrew – it is the name of my youngest. It is such a classic and I like nearly all its cognates.

    • appellationmountain says

      My brother WOULD have been Andrew, except after three girls, my father insisted on an Eric Jr. It’s a handsome name.

  5. British American says

    I know a 2 year old Andrew. He goes by Drew or Drew-Drew. I also know a 3 year old Andrew. It’s a cute name on them.

    It’s not one that I personally considered, as I know a couple of Andrews my age and I wanted a name that I didn’t know anyone personally with.

  6. says

    I have a cousin named Andrew, and his younger brother has it for a middle. Yes, their names are Andrew Joseph & Joseph Andrew. To credit, our maternal Grandpop was Joseph Andrew himself: the drunken coal miner patriarch. (oh the stories of him would burn your ears off!)

    My mother had thought to name me or my kid brother Andrew but Pop said the inside out cousins were enough (they’re older by 8 years or so). And I’m rather glad. Steven fits my brother much better. (always wished he was Stephen, though).

    Andrew’s lovely in his own right, though and I do like him quite a bit but it’s never going on any kid I may ever have. I know far too many Andrews/Drews/Andys personally. Too confusing to outright duplicate it yet again. But so handsome! :)

    As an aside, if Stephen/Steven hasn’t been done (I’ll go check in a sec), would you be so kind as to put him on the calendar for my darling kid brother? ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Bek says

    I have a brother Andrew and have always thought his name incredibly handsome. It’s a solid name that seems very appealing without going bland. Truly timeless.

  8. Joy says

    Mom says that if I hadn’t been Joy, I would have been Andrew, so this is one of my favorite names. Andy Griffith is another notable Andrew, and I love both nicknames, Andy and Drew.

    Andrew is classic, strong, biblical, historic, traditional and unlikely to transition into a girl’s name.


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