March Madness 2013: Favorite Boy Names

by appellationmountain on March 2, 2013

MM basketballsThe first round of March Madness 2013 begins now!

A quick reminder about the rules for veterans and rookies alike: the sixteenth most popular name faces off against the most popular name, and so on and so forth.  There are eight match-ups in the first round.

Vote for your favorite in each pair – or not, if you can’t decide.  You can only vote once per name.  Voting closes on Friday, March 8.  The next round – which will be narrowed down to just four match-ups – begins on Saturday, March 9.

For more on the favorite names from last year, see this post.

And no, this contest isn’t just for the boys.  Girls’ names will be up later today.

Ready, set – choose your favorite boy names!

First up: the wildly popular shades of Gray versus the literary, dashing Dashiell

The modern Huxley takes on the français Etienne

The colorful Indigo against the mythological Atlas

The accurate Archer faces the kelly green Declan

Otto is a palindrome, and Benton is a surname – which do you prefer?

Place name Camden or the handsome and heroic Atticus?

The mighty Finn versus the impeccably Irish Eamon

Controversial Cohen faces the Scandinavian Soren

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