Favorite Boy Names: March Madness Semi-Finals 2013

by appellationmountain on March 16, 2013

MM basketballsHow did your favorite boy names fare in the last round of March Madness?

  • The Scandinavian Soren surpassed color name Gray.  They’re both nouvel choices, names with history but without significant use in the US.  I couldn’t guess which could come out on top, but Soren won by a decent margin.  Will we hear this one more, or are parents simply reluctant to give their son a Shades name?
  • The über-popular Finn handily beat the literary Huxley.  It was the most resounding victory from the last round, and not much of a surprise.  Finn is such a friendly, upbeat name that it is easy to imagine him winning the whole tourney.
  • Atticus shut down Atlas, proving that literary cred trumps mythological standing.
  • Up-and-coming Archer won over quirky, hipster Otto.  That was an easy one to predict, but I think fans of Otto can be pleased that he’s done so well.  Ot- and Od- names really are moving into that elusive category: names everyone likes, but few of us are actually using.

It seems like the names on the fringe fall early, and the ones that stay in the running are more mainstream.  Not always, of course.  It depends so much on the match-ups, and a number of wildly popular picks have already fallen.

By the semi-finals, the names that are gone are a long list: Indigo, Camden, Declan, Benton, Cohen, Dashiell, Etienne, Eamon have all left the competition.  Are your favorite boy names still in?

What’s your guess for the Final Winner?  If I had to bet, my money would be on Finn.  He combines two major trends: our affection for Irish names and the tendency to give short, single-syllable appellations, especially to boys.

Please vote in the next round, and don’t forget to check back for the Girls’ Semi-Finals later today!

The Scandinavian Soren takes on the sharp surname Archer

The Irish Finn faces the literary Atticus

Thanks for voting!  Polls close on Friday, March 22, and the Finals take place on Saturday, March 23.

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