Favorite Baby Names 2013: Girls March Madness Final Match!

MM basketballsColor me surprised.

By the slimmest of margins, Elodie snuck past Adelaide to make it into the finals.

I was sure Adelaide was a lock to win it all.  Back in 2011 – the first year of the tourney – Adelaide was knocked out by Genevieve.  Could this be her year?

Apparently not.

I was much less sure what to expect of the other semi-final, Isla versus Lorelei.  Isla won handily, and I must say that I’m pleased.  Lorelei is a great name, but I feel like Elodie versus Isla is much more of a match.

Elodie and Isla are fairly unconventional as finalists go .. I’m more used to Genevieve and Eliza by the time we reach the semi-finals.  But a little bit of different isn’t a bag thing.  And who knows?  Maybe our favorite baby names are becoming more daring with time.

And really, it makes this final match-up so much more important.

Now, please vote!


  1. Photoquilty says

    No contest, IMO. Isla is so much prettier than Elodie, which sounds unfinished to my ear. Where’s the M?

  2. Lyndsay says

    I voted for Isla. Mainly because I would definitely use it myself, while Elodie I like very much, but for someone else’s kid. Whenever I say Elodie I feel like I’m supposed to be using a French accent, which I don’t have. It’s very pretty though. Isla is friendly, happy, fun. I love it.

  3. Jordanna says

    Voted for Isla. It is very popular, but at least its not another Ellie. Which is exactly how I’ve heard Elodie used, another formal name option for Ellie.

    I’m slightly fonder of unrelated name also said eye-la but spelled Ayla, but I like either more than Elodie.

  4. Cathy says

    Isla is my daughter’s name, and I would love Elodie for our second! But hubby thinks they don’t go well together…

    • Kaeli says

      I’d like to hear others chime in on this question as well, but I believe Isla is predominantly pronounced EYE-luh, at least in English speaking areas. Like island! I love the sound of EYE-luh, but as I speak Spanish, I just can’t get past how it SHOULD be pronounced in Spanish (and other Romance languages too): EES-luh. Therefore I don’t think I could use Isla because I’d feel so conflicted on the pronunciation. :-)

  5. Anna says

    I love the sound of Elodie, I just don’t like the word “die”, which is why I voted for Isla (which I also love the sound of).

  6. Havoye says

    I feel compelled to vote for Elodie since I’m pretty sure my searches on it contributed to its presence in this year’s March Madness, but Isla is a lovely name as well. I think some people may be slightly bored with Isla since it’s the much more popular name of the two, so I will cautiously predict an Elodie victory.

    • appellationmountain says

      That’s a good point, Havoye – though I was surprised to realize that Isla really is MUCH more popular than Elodie. I would’ve assumed they were pretty close …

    • says

      I agree. I voted for Elodie partly because I know lots of little Isla here in Britain. It’s a lovely name, but Elodie feels fresher to me.

    • says

      I voted Elodie as well, and it is now 50.35%.

      However, I would have much preferred a contest between Adelaide and Lorelei than Elodie and Isla.

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