Sunday Summary: Twelfth of 2015

Cinderella quote

I took my daughter to see Cinderella, and I was surprised by how much I loved it. Cate Blanchett’s stepmother reminded me of the stepmother character from Cinder – you don’t like her, but you kind of get her, even though she’s definitely the villain of the piece. And that whole “Have Courage and Be Kind” line? I’m on board […]


Sunday Summary: Eleventh of 2015


First things first: I’ve been meaning to start an Appellation Mountain newsletter forever, but what would I possibly include? And then you were so lovely with your response to the first Mailbag post that it hit me: that’s the newsletter. A theme of the week, and then answers to reader questions that you won’t find anywhere other […]


Sunday Summary: Tenth of 2015

Sunday Summary

We still have snow everywhere here in metro Washington DC, and school? What’s school? My kids had three days off last week – in March! But the temperatures are slowly creeping upwards, and I can hear birds singing outside as I write. Plus, it must almost be spring, because March Madness Baby Names launched yesterday! […]


Sunday Summary: Ninth of 2015


I recently linked to this article on the Appellation Mountain Facebook page, and it caused a bit of a stir: Do Weird Baby Names Indicate Selfishness or Love? Yes. It’s a rather dark and dreary piece, but I suspect the author, Joy Pullman, voiced what some – or many – people think. Pullman, who named her son […]


Sunday Summary: Eighth of 2015

Lately I’ve been binge-watching Downton Abbey. I had previously stopped watching sometime during Season Three, and you can watch all the way up through the end of Season Five on Amazon Prime. There are dozens of reasons to watch, of course, but the names are definitely a bonus! Season five introduces an Atticus, but it’s really the […]


Sunday Summary: Seventh of 2015

A curious thing: even though my daughter is the only Clio in her class, and in her entire school, she still signs her school work Clio S. I can’t remember if it happened before first grade, and it may be because this year there are two girls with almost the same name in their class: […]


Sunday Summary: Sixth of 2015

Happy Sunday! Let’s start with this video, an homage to choosing a baby name and Taylor Swift’s smash hit. Got a long list of my favorites, you’ll think that they’re insane, ’cause here comes another baby, so let’s pick a name! Pure fun. I’m talking about single-syllable celebrity baby names at Nameberry tomorrow. Not too long ago, I […]


Sunday Summary: Fifth of 2015

baby name Harlow

Have you read We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves? It was mentioned on Modern Mrs. Darcy – if you’re a reader, Anne’s recommendations are always worth a look. Anyhow, Beside Ourselves author Karen Joy Fowler is clearly a student of names. So many of the choices were just flat-out fabulous: a brother called Lowell, named after the Lowell Observatory. A […]


Sunday Summary: Fourth of 2015


If you follow Appellation Mountain on Instagram or Facebook, you might already know how I spent my Saturday night. At the Build a Bear workshop in the Mall at Annapolis, making a new BFF for my daughter. Towards the end of the process – after the fluff has been pumped into the skin (I called it […]


Sunday Summary: Third of 2015

People should be called what they want to be called. Sometimes there’s a disconnect between the name you’re given at birth and how you wish to be known later in life. Your wishes – whether you’re a child or an adult – should rule the day.  It’s a question of basic human dignity. Maybe that’s […]