Cynewulf: Baby Name of the Day


Parents revive ancient names all the time.  With choices like Penelope and Levi in the US Top 100, it’s clear we’re not afraid to reach into the distant past.  But how ’bout those overlooked Anglo-Saxons?  When is it their chance for a comeback? Thanks to Anonymous for suggesting one they’ve considered for a son.  Our Baby […]


Odette, Ottilie, and Otis: The Ottos

Otto Names

Once upon a time, there was a tiny Germanic name element: Aud.  It meant wealth, and appeared mostly in compound names like Audoin and Audogar.  I’m not sure if all of those names were directly related to Aud, but the sound was a fairly common one. Eventually, Aud became Audo, Odo, and the familiar Otto. Now Otto […]