Daphne: Baby Name of the Day


This post was originally published on April 2, 2009. It was substantially revised and re-posted on May 4, 2015, with thanks to Bambi for the suggestion! This name has been worn by a nymph and an animated sidekick, and fits right in with current favorites from Chloe to Penelope, too. Thanks to Natalie for suggesting Daphne […]


Most Popular Nature Names for Girls

Top Ten Nature Names for Girls

It’s Arbor Day, and time to think of all things outdoorsy. Nature names are a huge category, from classic florals to newer possibilities borrowed from birds and trees. It’s an equal opportunity trend, with boys names like Jasper, Talon, Forrest, and Blaze all ranking in the US Top 1000. But there are definitely more nature […]


Ovid: Baby Name of the Day


Today’s choice is the name of a legendary poet – and a fitting name for the Year of the Sheep. Wishing you a happy Lunar New Year, with a warm thanks to the amazing Isadora of Bewitching Names and Curious Ideas for the suggestion. Our Baby Name of the Day is Ovid.