Baby Name News: 4/14/13

by appellationmountain on April 14, 2013

Sunday SummaryI’m not quite certain who Marvin Humes may be, but a) he’s famous enough to earn a mention on a UK website, and b) he’s trying to name a baby-on-the-way.  And he, like many an expectant parent, is just a little under-informed about what constitutes a mainstream name.  Humes declared:  I wanted to go for some crazy names like London.

Does London count as crazy anymore?

Not in the US.  It’s in the girls’ Top 100, and ranked #560 for boys in 2011.  While this one definitely trends girl, the writer Jack London lends it a certain rugged, literary quality that still works for a son.  (Which reminds me, London’s daughters were named Bess and Joan - lovely!)

Then again, it might be seen as more outrageous in the UK.  Or not.  I think Humes is articulating #8 or #9 on this list.  He wants a name that is nothing like the names that he grew up with, or that his friends and family haven’t used.  But that’s very different than wanting a truly unique name.

Now, on to the baby name news:

  • Interesting to hear how this issue was resolved at Swistle.
  • A theory via Clare: the names we’re willing to use for pets might eventually become names that we’re willing to use for children.  Looking at the names in the original New York Times article, I’d say yes.
  • I’ve always thought Nivea had a gorgeous sound, but I agree with Blue Juniper’s post.  The widespread success of the skincare company gives me pause, but it is still staggeringly pretty.
  • Last Friday’s list of Surname Names for Girls was not a fan favorite, but check out this consult at Swistle.  Carrington Sofia would be my pick, too.
  • How is Cielo any tamer than Sistine?  Isn’t Deuce daffier than Seven?  Pepper is nearly as out-there as Apple.  Parents who are thinking of names like Banjo are not likely to consider an switching to Steve.  And that’s a good thing.  Sometimes it’s a mistake to listen to advice talking you out of your craziest baby names.
  • Which reminds me … Olga is the kind of name I love, but I think the real issue here is that the mom is losing her ability to choose her daughter’s name.
  • Love, love, love the name Abel.  Less certain about the spelling Able, though in our word name-obsessed moment, I suppose Able has a virtue vibe that works.
  • A Dutch DJ named his kiddo Chase, and his comments in his Twitter announcement make it clear that parents were inspired by Chase’s meaning – betcha that resonates for lots of parents.
  • Fascinating reflections on name stats at Baby Name Wizard.
  • And enter the Baby Name Pool!  Entries close April 15.  I’ve never done all that well in the pool, but I always feel optimistic about my guesses.
  • We might dismiss Devony as nouveau, but check out this find in Eponymia’s post: Dévonie.
  • Oh, I do like Matilda, for all the reasons Elea suggests.

That’s all for this week …  as always, thank you for reading, and have a spectacular week!

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