Baby Name News: 2/24/13

by appellationmountain on February 24, 2013

Sunday SummaryLet’s start this week with a predicament: Swistle tries to help another family trying to avoid trendy names, when their tastes run to Camden and Avery, Beckett and Hadley. I love this quote:

Here is what I think is making you stuck: you want to avoid trendy, common names, but your tastes are absolutely on-trend. Every single name you like, every single sound you’re attracted to, is what is in style right this minute. What it comes down to in these cases is which is more important to you: a name that fits your preferences for unique, or a name that fits your tastes?

There are some great suggestions in Swistle’s lists and in the comments, but it is a tricky question.  If you love a name, how popular does it have to be before you’ll pass it up?  And is it reasonable to let a name go because of its popularity?

Elsewhere online, in baby name news:

That’s all for this Sunday.  As always, thanks for reading!

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