Baby Name News: 2/17/13

by appellationmountain on February 17, 2013

Sunday SummaryConfession: we are in Disney World again.  I keep thinking we’ll get creative with our vacations at some point, but our conversations about get-aways tend to go two directions.  The beach, if it is warm enough to swim in the ocean.  Disney if it is not.

And Disney is name-spotting paradise.  In the space of a few minutes yesterday, I heard an English-accented mom talking to a Freya, a heavy Southern American accent calling out for Natalie, or maybe Addalee, and a smattering of French names for the young men in the Morocco pavilion.  A girl named Daurie sold us Mickey-shaped pretzels in Adventure Land.

It’s a feast.

Speaking of feasts, an abundance of great names caught my eye this week.  My favorites from the baby name news blogosphere include:

  • Happy Chinese New Year!  In 2012, we explored plenty of great dragon names, but Isadora also managed to round up a few for the Year of the Snake.  I’m in love with Tanith.
  • Stumbled across this one while searching the archive on Bewitching Baby Names: Kitri.  Great name, as I like Isadora’s suggestion of using it as a nickname for Katherine, or maybe Kristina.
  • I love Rafe.  And Rufus and Roscoe.  Maybe I just have a thing for quirky, retro R names for boys.
  • Pluto’s moons need names!  I’m pulling for Alecto and Persephone, but they’re both trailing.  Which reminds me: how cool is it that the little girl who named Pluto in the first place was called Venetia?  Spacey!
  • Speaking of out there, did you spot Harleyquinn?  Yes, I suppose it counts as a smoosh name.  And maybe a noun name.  But it feels rather excessive, doesn’t it?
  • Clover = perfect for any baby who arrives between February 14 and March 17, right?  See Baby Name Pondering for the clever Valentine connection.
  • Jaime-Lynn Sigler is expecting baby #1 with her fiance, baseball player Cutter Dykstra.  Yes, he’s Lenny Dykstra’s son, so I guess baseball is in the genes.  And Cutter appears to be his given name.  What will a couple called Jaime-Lynn and Cutter name their firstborn?  I cannot wait to hear …
  • Oh, these ABC posts are grand!  Wren Elvie is my favorite from the girls’ list, and Dex Levi from the boys’ version.
  • This post about names that will never make a comeback feels like proof that every name can make a comeback.
  • In honor of my current location, let’s end with the DisneySisters’ list of Disney baby names at Babble.  It’s short on princess appellations, and long on word names: Star, Snow, or Ever, anyone?  They missed a bunch of really fabulous ones.  Blair, for one.  Heck, Clio is a Pinocchio character.  (She’s the goldfish.)  And there are tons more embedded in various Disney tales and legends.  I need to give this some thought …

As always, thank you for reading!

And let us know: did you spot any great names this week?

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