Baby Name News: 2/17/13

Sunday SummaryConfession: we are in Disney World again.  I keep thinking we’ll get creative with our vacations at some point, but our conversations about get-aways tend to go two directions.  The beach, if it is warm enough to swim in the ocean.  Disney if it is not.

And Disney is name-spotting paradise.  In the space of a few minutes yesterday, I heard an English-accented mom talking to a Freya, a heavy Southern American accent calling out for Natalie, or maybe Addalee, and a smattering of French names for the young men in the Morocco pavilion.  A girl named Daurie sold us Mickey-shaped pretzels in Adventure Land.

It’s a feast.

Speaking of feasts, an abundance of great names caught my eye this week.  My favorites from the baby name news blogosphere include:

  • Happy Chinese New Year!  In 2012, we explored plenty of great dragon names, but Isadora also managed to round up a few for the Year of the Snake.  I’m in love with Tanith.
  • Stumbled across this one while searching the archive on Bewitching Baby Names: Kitri.  Great name, as I like Isadora’s suggestion of using it as a nickname for Katherine, or maybe Kristina.
  • I love Rafe.  And Rufus and Roscoe.  Maybe I just have a thing for quirky, retro R names for boys.
  • Pluto’s moons need names!  I’m pulling for Alecto and Persephone, but they’re both trailing.  Which reminds me: how cool is it that the little girl who named Pluto in the first place was called Venetia?  Spacey!
  • Speaking of out there, did you spot Harleyquinn?  Yes, I suppose it counts as a smoosh name.  And maybe a noun name.  But it feels rather excessive, doesn’t it?
  • Clover = perfect for any baby who arrives between February 14 and March 17, right?  See Baby Name Pondering for the clever Valentine connection.
  • Jaime-Lynn Sigler is expecting baby #1 with her fiance, baseball player Cutter Dykstra.  Yes, he’s Lenny Dykstra’s son, so I guess baseball is in the genes.  And Cutter appears to be his given name.  What will a couple called Jaime-Lynn and Cutter name their firstborn?  I cannot wait to hear …
  • Oh, these ABC posts are grand!  Wren Elvie is my favorite from the girls’ list, and Dex Levi from the boys’ version.
  • This post about names that will never make a comeback feels like proof that every name can make a comeback.
  • In honor of my current location, let’s end with the DisneySisters’ list of Disney baby names at Babble.  It’s short on princess appellations, and long on word names: Star, Snow, or Ever, anyone?  They missed a bunch of really fabulous ones.  Blair, for one.  Heck, Clio is a Pinocchio character.  (She’s the goldfish.)  And there are tons more embedded in various Disney tales and legends.  I need to give this some thought …

As always, thank you for reading!

And let us know: did you spot any great names this week?


  1. Eline says

    That Comeback post is weird. I see many of those names (from the post and its comments) making a comeback pretty soon. I predict Agnes will be big in a few years.

    Hettie, I live in Belgium and Louise has been top 10 here for a while.

    • Hettie says

      Since North America is about ten years behind Europe on certain naming trends I feel like I’m going to catch it on the upswing here. I suppose it’s not the worst thing in the world to have a pleasantly popular name as opposed to a trendy name. All my favourites are big in Europe currently so I suppose I should just embrace it 😉

  2. photo says

    Jamie-Lynn Sigler is pregnant? That might explain why there’s a running joke about her character not being pregnant on Guys With Kids.

  3. Hettie says

    I didn’t come across any gems but I kid you not, a friend of a friend named their baby Braxton. Doesn’t sound too unusual on its own, but their last name is Hicks!!

  4. Fran says

    Hi! It feels like forever since I’ve commented on here.
    I know a Tanith, she’s about mid twenties with an Irish surname. I also came across a 3 year old Louisa while shopping which really made me smile

    • Hettie says

      I’m so scared Louisa’s going to go Sophia on us one of these days. It’s my SO’s favourite name. I know it’s been historically under the radar but so many popular names started out that way! As much as I love hearing tastefully named children being called at the grocery store, that one has me nervous!

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