Baby Name News: 1/13/13

by appellationmountain on January 13, 2013

Sunday SummaryWelcome to 2013!  I keep accidentally dating posts 2012.  Are you having the same trouble?

My New Year’s Resolution is to finish cleaning up the site.  It’s been eight months since The Big Move to self-hosting, and there are still broken links galore, as well as some incomplete posts.  If you stumble on a post that appears to be just a few lines, please leave a comment – the rest of the post is lurking in the archive.  They’re tough for me to find, so your help is very much appreciated!

Now, on to the baby name news:

  • I think Graham is totally wearable.  Plus, you can serve s’mores at his first birthday party.
  • This Babble slideshow is irritatingly light on content, but probably reflects what most people think of the Top Names of 1913.  Me?  I believe Millie will make a comeback, and I wouldn’t count out George.
  • All of the Top Names of Whichever Region/Hospital Center/Other Jurisdiction have gone past in a blur, this year, but Liam seems to be rising in several of them.  Nancy reports that he’s #1 in Manitoba.
  • I don’t envy this mom – and I think Swistle’s advice is exactly right.
  • The Name Station defends Ryker.  He’s NMS at all, but I completely see his appeal.
  • Which formal names lead to PiLou uncovers the backstory on the movie name, but I’m thinking Piper and Pierce are the logical formal versions.
  • Statham feels like a British aristocrat to me, cousin to Hallam.  Except for the action hero factor, which makes him more like Slade.  I agree with Blue Juniper – he’s wearable.  (BTW, isn’t she doing an amazing job surfacing wearable-but-different names?  Evanora last week, and now Statham.  I love seeing what she unearths.)
  • You can’t be a Princess in New Zealand.
  • But you can be an Annecy in Australia.  I kind of love this one …
  • And Jessamy, too.

Heard any fabulous names recently?

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