Sunday Summary: Twelfth of 2015

Cinderella quote

I took my daughter to see Cinderella, and I was surprised by how much I loved it. Cate Blanchett’s stepmother reminded me of the stepmother character from Cinder – you don’t like her, but you kind of get her, even though she’s definitely the villain of the piece. And that whole “Have Courage and Be Kind” line? I’m on board […]


March Madness 2015: Girls Semifinals

March Madness Baby Names 2015

I’m not saying that the boys quarter finals of March Madness baby names weren’t exciting. They were, and none of the matches was a landslide victory. But the girls quarter finals? Hoo nellie! Every vote counted. No name won by much more than six percentage points, and one of the matches was decided by less than a […]


March Madness 2015 Boys Semifinals

March Madness baby names

Were you paying attention to the matches over the course of the week? Because the quarter finals of March Madness baby names were truly thrilling! Some of these contests went back and forth more than once. Though let me tell you – it was nuthin’ compared to some of the matches in the girls’ quarter finals! Here […]


The Cora Names: Coralie, Cordelia, and More

Cora Names

The Coras are coming. Here’s a fact of modern baby-naming: names rise and fall in families. The Claires have been on an upswing lately, lifting Claire and Clara alike. The Lilys were everywhere in recent years, Lily and Lillian, Lilliana and Lilith. Sometimes it happens all at once. Other times, there’s a clear front-runner, a […]