Sunday Summary: 41st of 2014

October 12, 2014

#107875902 / Happy Sunday! I’ve just read Matthew Dennison’s Queen Victoria: A Life of Contradictions.  And I learned this: The future Queen Victoria was christened Alexandrina Victoria.  But her parents had planned to name her Victoire Georgiana Alexandrina Charlotte Augusta. It was changed at the last minute by the Prince Regent, the future King George IV. […]

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Something New: Saturday Name Help

October 11, 2014

Now that the comments are up and running, it’s time for something new! For years, I’ve been wanting to offer Name Consultations. Plenty of sites do a fabulous job – Swistle and Duana and Waltzing More than Matilda are some of my favorites. But there’s no shortage of parents looking for a little help with […]

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Clover, Dior, and Parker: Harper’s Sisters

October 10, 2014

Harper is a sensation, a fast-rising surname name with musical appeal.  A long list of high profile birth announcements have boosted Harper’s use, from Shonda Rhimes to the Beckhams. Visit a playground nowadays, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear the name.  Harper has soared from #887 in 2004 to #118 in 2010 to #16 in […]

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Tiziana: Baby Name of the Day

October 9, 2014

Take the Ancient Roman Titus, mix it with a healthy dose of Italian, and you’ll arrive at today’s choice. Thanks to Calien for suggesting Tiziana as our Baby Name of the Day.

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Mafalda: Baby Name of the Day

October 8, 2014

Matilda is hot.  Maude has a certain appeal.  How ’bout this obscure form of the name? Thanks to Filipa for suggesting Mafalda as our Baby Name of the Day.

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Ailsa: Baby Name of the Day

October 7, 2014

Looking for a Scottish name with a rather stylish sound?  Here’s a possibility. Thanks to Ali Lynne for suggesting Ailsa as our Baby Name of the Day.  

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Odette: Baby Name of the Day

October 6, 2014

This post was originally published on December 23, 2008.  It was substantially revised and re-posted on October 6, 2014. It’s a plum role for a ballerina, and a name worn by a World War II heroine, too. Thanks to Nessa for suggesting our Baby Name of the Day: Odette.  

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Sunday Summary: October 5, 2014

October 4, 2014

Welcome to October!  It just might be my favorite month.  (Wait, do I say that every month?) But this one is extra exciting.  If you didn’t win a copy of Kelli Brady’s Name-alytics during last months’ give-away, you can buy it at a special discounted price during the month of October. Appellation Mountain readers can use […]

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Clara, Clarity, and Clarion: Claire Names

October 3, 2014

This post was originally published on April 9, 2012, for my mother, Clare.  It was substantially revised and re-posted on October 3, 2014 for her namesake’s sixth birthday.  In my Italian family, children were traditionally named after grandparents.  When you reached girl or boy #3, it was time to move on to honoring great-aunts and great-uncles. The result?  Those […]

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Jack: Baby Name of the Day

October 2, 2014

This nickname-name is the go-to choice for our favorite action heroes and many a real boy, too. Thanks to Clio for suggesting Jack as our Baby Name of the Day.

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